SOUTH INDIAN MOVIES  Cinema of South India  refers to the cinema of the four major film industries in  South India ; primarily engaged in making  feature films  in the four major languages of the region, namely   Telugu ,  Tamil ,  Kannada,  and  Malayalam . They are often colloquially referred to as Tollywood, Kollywood and Mollywood.  For the financial year of 2022, the combined net box office revenue of  Tamil  and  Telugu  film and Malayalam film industries stood at 36% of the total net revenue of  Indian cinema . ,  In 2021, the combined domestic box office of the four South Indian film industries totaled  ₹ 2,400 crores, surpassing that of Hindi film markets, where box office collection stood at  ₹ 800 crores.  In 2021, the  Telugu  film industry emerged as the largest film industry of India in terms of box office revenue.  Many Independent film companies now offer Film Investment opportunities, So we are also offering to join our company for the next 5 movies. now we are conce